Children Creativity Development Course

(Age : 3 - 7 years old)

Children Creativity Development Course is an art course that designed accordingly to artistry psychogenesis and psycho- development of children. These art courses are able to help in development of children creativity in art and thinking.

Children Graphic Course

(Age : 8 - 12 years old)

Children Graphic Course is an art course that emphasizes on drawing and colouring skill using various types of art materials. The artwork is focuses more on cartoon and comic style. Children are also able to learn more than 60 types of art skills and effect using different type of drawing materials.

Nursery Art Course

(Age : 3 - 6 years old)

This nursery Art Course is developed by MY Art Studio, the children art expertise that recognized by Warnborough College, UK. Art is an education that helps to build up the personality and characters of children, at the same time it is a communication tool that enables them to express their feeling visually through art and craft activities. Besides, art also helps in the development of motor skill, senses, imagination and teamwork.


(Age : 7 - 12 years old)

Multicultural Craft course is the only craft system in Malaysia that is design based on the culture of different countries in the world. The unique part of this course is to let children experience a different level of doing craft work by wearing the uniform of pilot with their luggage and passports to create the world’s famous crafts. They will explore the culture of different countries such as England, Egypt, Spain, France, India, Mexico and Finland through the Travel Guide and video clip..

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